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Post by Samantha Fisher on Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:00 am

Dean Jenkins Cory-Monteith11
Character Name: Dean Jenkins
Character Face: Cory Monteith
Age/Birthday: 25-27
Status: Dating Samantha Fisher
Career/Job: Fireman
Loyal, kind and sweet, Dean has always liked helping people and no matter what he does, he always tries to give his all. Though he can come off as shy and quiet, he possesses an intensity and motivation which makes him a natural born leader. Not to mention that he tries his best in everything.

While he is often able to "get" people and intuit them well, intellect appears to not be one of his talents, and combined with his naturally trusting nature, this has allowed many of his friends to manipulate his naivety over the years, especially in high school and university. He's not dumb, just not the very brightest light on the Christmas tree.

After leaving high school, Dean had no idea what he wanted to do for a career. He worked at various places before returning back to his high school for a while to help coach the show choir and football team there. Dean enjoys singing very much, and uses it as a way to de-stress when things get too much. He often tries to keep his stress levels hidden from others, but it often results in him exploding when pushed too far.

After a fire broke out in the school's auditorium during Dean's time coaching there, Dean decided that he wanted to become a fire-fighter. He has been with Chicago's Fire Department for the past 4 years.

At times Dean experiences low self-esteem and during those times is easily prone to resigning himself to stand in the shadow of some of his more outgoing and ambitious friends. He can also easily feel threatened by other males whom he deems to possess talents that eclipse his own. Especially those whom have a natural charm and wit that he himself can lack, making Dean question himself about being "good enough".

In his high school years Dean was captain of the football team and of the show choir club there.

Rest (all the history and such) up to Taker.
How long the couple have been together is up to the taker also. But possibly at least around the 6-month mark... How they met is also up to the taker as I have no idea right now...
Samantha Fisher
Samantha Fisher

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