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Post by Theo Baker on Wed May 14, 2014 6:48 am

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Theodore "Theo" Baker Nm2641597
Character Face: Cameron Palatas

Theodore "Theo" Baker Basici10

Date of Birth: Jul 13, 1994 (age 19)
Sexuality: heterosexual
Marital Status: single


  • Richard Baker (father)
  • Lisa Baker (mother)
  • Amanda Baker (Sister)

Subject of Studies: Criminal Justice/Psychology, minor in Religious Studies

Theodore "Theo" Baker Person10
Character traits: loyal, honest, hard working, resilient, quick thinking, strong willed, introverted, deep thinker

Strengths: strong swimmer, gifted athlete (swimming, martial arts), languages (fluent in German and Spanish)

Weaknesses: too honest at times, can take things to seriously

Likes: faith, family, friends, swimming, martial arts, reading

Dislikes: bullies, people who are close minded

Hobbies: camping/hiking, learning a new language (currently learning Latin and Greek for his minor)

Theodore "Theo" Baker Biogra10

Born in the rugged Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Theodore "Theo" Baker learned from a young age how to be resourceful and  resilient.  While growing up, Theo was rather introverted, until his parents got him into a medieval martial arts class when he was seven.  Theo slowly opened up the more he came to the class.  At the same time, Theo also got involved in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, which he still practices.  Apart from martial arts, Theo became a strong swimmer, due to the lake he and his sister grew up near.  When in high school, Theo was on the boy's swim team, leading them to three state titles.  While a gifted athlete, Theo didn't skimp on his studies.  He would end up graduating third in his class from high school while getting scholarship offers from close to 30 schools.  He eventually settled on a university in Chicago, as it was close to family he had in the area.  Everything was going well for Theo at first, until his girlfriend Nicole broke up with him.  Nicole didn't want to, but her father never liked Theo due to his being Lutheran and getting Nicole to join the church.  The two still talk and remain on good terms with each other despite what happened.  Nicole has encouraged Theo to get back out there and find someone, but Theo is hesitant to as he felt Nicole was the one.  For now though, Theo is keeping up with his studies, swimming and martial arts.

Theodore "Theo" Baker Ooc10
Name: Edward
Best way to contact you: PM
Other characters you play: Ryan Sheperd
Theo Baker
Theo Baker

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