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New Stuff! Empty New Stuff!

Post by Juliette Carlson on Mon May 19, 2014 5:14 am

This is only the first announcement of a few to come. As you probably all noticed by now, there have been changes to the forum over the last couple of weeks. Necessary changes as they turned out to be.

First of all... under Events there is still the topic of the Acticity Check for May 2014. It is still active until May 30, so if you haven't posted there yet, please make sure to do so within the remaining time. Otherwise (if not decided differently), your character will be ruled as inactive and deleted. You are welcome to re-register with a new (or the same) character anytime, though. Just make sure to keep that one active then.

Second change... I have added a RP-Shop to this forum where your character can spend the RP-Money he/she earns from role-playing. There are certain things for this site that you will have to buy with RP-Money (like a Degree when your character graduates from University). So, make sure to check it out. The most important links are listed on the Navigation bar on the left side of the forum.

You can find more information under the re-named section "General Information" and if there is any new Info, I will post a topic there for you guys to read and always get back to.

Third change... I have added Relationship Status icons and group colours to this forum. The main threat is located in "General Information".  And there is also a new Face Claim list that new characters will have to reply to, so their face claim can be added to the list.

In the RP-Shop you can buy housing for your character. While every character gets a free home (Students will live in "Shared Dorm Rooms"), there is the option to buy a new place and have your home added to the appropriate category. All Categories (Studio Apartments (for Students only), Apartments, Houses, Mansions) are already there, they are just not visible yet, because no forum has been added to them, yet. Apartments and Houses come one free for every character that has no home yet. So, just let me know whether your character (Professor, Alumni, Parents, Citizens only) lives in an apartment or a house and I will add a forum for you. (Just reply to this topic.)

Another important thing... since I noticed complications with the old introduction model, I have updated it and added a few changes. I would like you guys to update your character's Introductuion posts with the new model. You don't have to, of course, but since there are a few additional perks to it, just check it out.

Well... I think that's it for now. More changes up ahead and I do hope we can get this site active again. After all... this year will be our THIRD anniversary!
Juliette Carlson
Juliette Carlson

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