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Photo Fun (Ashley/anyone else who wants to join)

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Re: Photo Fun (Ashley/anyone else who wants to join)

Post by Ellie Volkova on Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:05 pm

"Marcello sounds like an awesome name. Though Ruby sounds really pretty. So then it's settled, at some point we'll get together and do a whole afternoon of playing and mucking about, having fun," she said, her eyes glittering at the prospect.

Ellie blushed slightly when Patrick said about undressing her in the lake, grinning. "Doesn't sound like that bad a threat. Sounds rather fun actually," she replied with a smirk, mischief dancing in her eyes. "Well, y'know, you need some liquid courage before a drag race. Otherwise it'd be way to scary to do it," she replied with a slight shrug, the smile never leaving her face. "By the way, sharing is caring, so feel free to pass some alcohol my way."


Ellie Volkova
Ellie Volkova

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Re: Photo Fun (Ashley/anyone else who wants to join)

Post by Patrick Noel on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:13 pm

Patrick smiled at her words. "Sounds like awesome idea." and it was. His eyes gleamed.

He gave an innocent shrug. "I think it is. I can still use it someday." he gave a smirk.

"Ah sure ya do. But I've dunnit being sober too. Official drift challenge. I wouldn't get first place being drunk. But when I race with some guys on streets and other places I sure take some liquid." he told. Of course his sister didn't know a thing about his dangerous hobby.

Patrick leaned over to Maddy's seat and pulled out more drinks from it's hidden compartment. "Well then..." he opened another can with a mischievous smile "Cheers."
Patrick Noel
Patrick Noel

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