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Why not drink this whole year away? [ANYONE]

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Why not drink this whole year away? [ANYONE]

Post by Patrick Noel on Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:55 am

It had been a while now since the last time he had a proper drinking day. Tests upon tests and lecture after lecture and Patrick no longer could tell what was this thing he was trying to study for and why on earth he needed to actually be here. All he knew was that it felt really peaceful to just zone out during lecture to be poked back to life at the end of it. And there weren't even that little night hours for him to feel this space-y-ish.

So finally one test was aproppriately finished and he just dumped the idea about studying more. Just not in the mood could be a good enough reason right?

Unless you had a sister like Emma and nosy neighbors and weird landlord. Just then you made yourself to get out of bed every morning and to Uni to pull through the day.

Today, though, the blonde man decided to ditch that idea since he wanted just to relax a bit. Nobody should find him being a bit sneaky although he was always a sneakiest one of the siblings.

So with a regular dose of cheerful smile and bright eyes Patrick entered one of the local bars (or was it a club?) places and headed straight to the bar already figured out his choice of drink(-s).
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