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25 Questions about Patrick Noel

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25 Questions about Patrick Noel

Post by Patrick Noel on Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:40 am

  1. What are your nicknames? (if you have any) Who gave them to you and who is allowed to call you by them? Paddy, Patty, Luc, Luchien- by friends, my sister. Unless cranky mood call away.
    Juniper, Kitten, Astro, Loony- by special people like french relatives. You can't just tell Aunt Lisi not call you Juniper if she sees it's in you. So...
    Arteco- something from my dark days. Let it stay or else I can loose my sanity...

  2. What are you most afraid of? ICU, Mercy Hospital, Chicago General, PPMH, Bethesda MD, Las Vegas, casino, bar, alcohol, drugs, meth, vicodin, acids, chemistry, Dunkin Donats, clowns, lake Michigan, boilers, gas stoves and tanks, trucks, fog, Eloize, Hermann, prison, crazy-suit, being alone, handcuffs, chains, sryinges, memory loss, insanity, depression.

  3. What is your favorite animal? Dogs and Cats mostly. But lizzards are cool too, the funny ones.

  4. Do have any pets? (cat, dog, horse, etc.) Can I have a dog? Please? And two cats?

  5. What is your favorite hobby? Playing my guitar and singing. Oh, and generally pull everyone's leg at uni.
    Then get drunk and high and play board games and stuff.
    Yes, and irk my sister out of her socks.

  6. What is your favorite food? Does liqorice counts? And anti-deps?
    I actually like french fries and belgium waffles.
    And those candies that makes me all fuzzy and energetic whose name I don't remember.

  7. What is your favorite color? Black, really deep blue, turqoise.

  8. What is your favorite flower? Umm... you know that one blue little thingy with a yellow middle? That and the one with face.

  9. What are your favorite movies? Anything where is a lot of suspence and action. Marvel stuff. Space and science fiction.

  10. What are your favorite actors? Robert Downey Jr., Jared Letto, Hugh Jackman

  11. If you could be an animal or a flower/tree/plant, what would you be?
    Vampire counts? And a Navi?
    Maybe I could be a dolphin, a fox or something that lives really long time.

  12. If you could travel the world, where would you like to go and why? Iceland, Nordic region, NZ, Hawaii, Polynesia

  13. Imagine... you have to go to a lone island with nothing but nature on it, which three items would you take with you?
    My sister

  14. If you could meet someone 'famous', dead or alive, who would it be? (Optional: Why?)
    Steve Jobs. I want to ask him how he got that advanced tech fantasy actually working.

  15. If you could live your life all over again, would you live it all over again, or would you like to change something? I love my life. Or I could try to get it even more fun while not changing anything?

  16. Imagine... you could have a super power, what would you choose? Telekinesis.

  17. Time or Money? Both?

  18. Which three things make you happiest right now?
    Ellie, my dearest friend
    Gaston the Whitie, my third oldest guitar
    The Pink Pills

  19. Do you play any instruments or do you sing? I do all of it! Guitars of many kinds; piano and synth; drums a bit; harp; flute a loong time ago.

  20. What makes you smile? Sunset, bottle, happy sister, no pain, maniacal phase, pills, candies, guitar, sunrise, traveling,  adventure, fun stuff, good friends, no suicidal thoughts, no homicidal thoughts, when I don't want blood

  21. Do you like surprises? By friends yes, others not so. Especially from uni, then no!

  22. When you were child... who was your hero? (RL, from a cartoon, TV show, book, movie, etc) Iron Man, Wolverine, my sister

  23. Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or of strength?

  24. What is your favorite season? Spring, summer, autumn or winter? All seasons.

  25. Do you have any tattoos or piercings? If not... do you want to get a tattoo or piercing, or both? I have mostly few tats. But a couple of piercings are waiting to return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Who do you consider a friend? And what makes someone your friend?
Good vibes. All the best vibes. Emotions. Actions.
My friends can be only those who survive my friendship test if I don't get along right away.

What makes someone your enemie? And do you have any enemies already?
Traitors. Liars. Haters.
Stupid people with no respect towards those of lesser power. Those who hurt vulnerable.
Currently I have several alive. But I hope not for long...

What kind of person could become your lover? Or who is your lover?
One of my kind. Who's character fits mine and helds no judgement towards who I am. Close friend first. Gender doesn't matter if the heart is in the right place.

What are you looking forward to in life? (like what kind of topics would your character enjoy, what goals does he/she want to achieve?) In my life I look forward to survive uni and first steps of living on my own. I cannot be on my own for long so maybe I'll just try to bug my sis less.
There is a lab in NY that accepts different people or I will head to Washington DC to try for Navy Federal Lab.
If all fails I have my music and photography and might catch art doctorate if needed.  
I want to find a way to live on my own. If I manage to survive then I would love to look for having a family, but that's in a very far away future.
Patrick Noel
Patrick Noel

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