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Updated Rules!

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Updated Rules! Empty Updated Rules!

Post by Juliette Carlson on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:20 am

1. In order to be added to a group you have to write an Introduction for your character, using the model for an introduction that is given in the Sticky topic in that section. Please make sure that your username is the name of your character. Every account that is not a character's name (First Name (optional Middle name) and Family name) will be deleted within 7 days, also every account will be deleted that has no introduction posted within 7 days.

2. There is no maximum numbers of characters anymore, but if I see there's a problem or anything with that, I'll set one up again.

3. There is no God-Mode on this RP. Meaning that the posts you do, are only about the thoughts and feelings of your own character, unless you write a character in a topic that is NOT registered. 

4. Registered characters cannot be killed, only injured.

5. Your character will be deleted if you are inactive for more than 3 months and haven't contacted one of the admins before, in order to safe your character(s). So if you'll be away for a longer period of time, just leave a message on the „Away“ Forum, or contact an admin and everything should be fine.

6. If you don't want to play your character(s) anymore, or you can't (for some reason) message me and I'll put him into the orphanage if you want to give the character to someone else. Otherwise you can also ask me to delete the character.

7. Please respect each other and tolerate the opinions of other users of this side. Do not become offensive if there is any disagreement and please, if there is a problem with another user, try to solve that alone first, before contacting an admin for help.

8. Do not take things personally that are said IN character. You can get into fights in a topic, but please don't take those serious or personal, nor make them personal for the other side. Cursing it allowed, but keep it reasonable.

9. Roleplaying is like writing a big story together with other people, so please try and write longer replies, involving thoughts and feelings of your character in the post and think about your reply, before posting. One-line replies get boring very quickly and it's hard to reply to lines like “He had the same thought.” or “She was feeling the same way.” So please try to avoid those lines. Besides, writing and reading longer posts can be quite fun Smile and that's what the forum is about, right? Fun Smile

10. If you feel that a topic is finished (not been active for a while), or a topic is indeed finished (story played to the end) please post in the Close a Topic Section so we can lock the topic.

11. Disrespecting and breaking the rules will lead to your character being banned for 7 days (or all of your characters if you play more than just one). That shall go as the first warning. If the rules are broken again, I'll repeat that procedure, but extend the time to 14 days. If you break the rules a third time I will delete your character(s).

12. Last but not least: HAVE FUN!
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